"Mir and Omonia" - Peace and Consent .... our eternal dream 
"Mir and Omonia" - away disagreements, in harmony - God, beauty .... !



After the repeated elections, the New Democracy party, which won the elections, was able to form the government alone. This means that despite the "motley" composition of the current parliament, which includes far-right, anti-immigrant and Eurosceptic forces, the majority of seats are reserved for the New Democrats.

In other words, there will be a lot of shouting, but the decision will be made by the majority. On the one hand, this may not be a bad thing, but on the other hand, who, excuse me, said that the majority is always right? Far from always.

The shamed leader of the main opposition party SYRIZA, Alekos Tsipras, who got less than 20%, resigned. The decision is right, because, judging by the results of two elections, even those who smiled at him in the eyes and boasted of left-wing views did not vote for him...

Tsipras will remain in Greek history for his charming smile, his disgraceful referendum and his total rejection of the Lord God. And, of course, no ties. And how well it all started! What promises, what style of street, his own style of conversation with the people. ... Guys, I'm with you!

Speaking of concepts and conversations with the people. At the very time when the Greek conservatives were beginning to celebrate their victory in the elections, and the aforementioned "own guy" was wiping the sweat off his forehead, the Internet was running a photo of a tank stuck in the gates of the circus in Rostov-on-Don. The city, which for me personally has become a native one, almost every street of which I know and love suddenly found itself in such a sudden occupation of the valiant troops of a kind of "his guy", who prefers to talk "by the book", regardless of the ranks....

Why, why and how the nonsense happened, which led to this tank stuck in the gates of the circus, I will not write. So much has already been said, filmed and written on this topic. Just as I do not want to write about those who took pictures in different poses against the background of tanks and people in camouflage with their faces covered... Those who stretched their hands in an attempt to capture themselves in selfies with the leader of the campaign "for the truth" who was leaving his charges.

I want to talk about one single citizen of Rostov, who asked a quite natural and as if lying on the surface question: What are you doing here, actually?

The author of the question, a grandfather on a bicycle became the hero of a viral video: he was not frightened and admired, but...indignant. Alone. From the crowd that gathered to gawk at the "themed evening" organised in a city of a million people, he was the only one. By the way, the grandfather did not get an answer to his question.

Perhaps because this kind of "truth-seeking" and "conversations on concepts", as a rule, do not imply an answer... At least not an intelligible one....