"Mir and Omonia" - Peace and Consent .... our eternal dream 
"Mir and Omonia" - away disagreements, in harmony - God, beauty .... !



Am I the only one who thinks that every year it gets hotter and hotter in Greece? And without air-conditioning it is simply impossible to sleep or eat? And it, for all its demand, is not very useful... As, however, and the insane heat, which, perhaps, not in vain called hell....

But no, it seems I'm not the only one. Meteorologists have indeed noted an increase in summer temperatures in Greece in recent years, and a decrease in winter temperatures. We have snow in winter with enviable regularity!

The summer heat is also accompanied by wind, according to a strange and sad tradition. Which, in turn, leads to fires. The forests around Athens are already ablaze, and the temperature is not expected to drop until the end of July....

And yet, and yet, my dears, may the biggest problem for all of us remain the heat of summer and the snow of winter....

May the skies above our heads be peaceful and our loved ones healthy.

In Greece, when the first heat comes, it is customary to say: "Have a good summer!" And we, as it has been a tradition for many years, say this phrase to you and wish you a good holiday at the end of July, saying goodbye until the coming of autumn.

It's time to enjoy the sea, because every tenth beach in the world, marked by the "blue flag" for the purity of sea water - in Greece. By the way, this year the prestigious award, founded in France, celebrates its 36th anniversary. And we don't need to go far for this - the sea is right there, close by. Those who haven't seen the Acropolis yet can go up in the evening - the view, believe me, will be even more beautiful!

And the main thing is that we will gain strength for new deeds and achievements.

See you in September!